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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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today at one bay area university. >> good morning to you, it's wednesday, november 17. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. your time is 6:00. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather before you head out. we'll start with tracy and our cooler forecast. good morning. >> hey, good morning sydnie and juliette! that's right, it is cooling down, the cooling trend remains across the bay area today. temperatures will fall another 5, 10 to 15 degrees. and on top of that, rain showers are also moving back into the bay area. i'll let you know when, we got that all important seven-day forecast, coming right up. in the meantime for your traffic this morning, i got elizabeth wenger. >> you do and i have chopper 5! chopper 5 joins us at 6:00 and they are live over the san mateo bridge showing us the traffic is moving great in either direction across the span though we are now just getting word of a new injury crash in richmond on westbound 80. we will have a lot more details on that coming up. in the meantime, back up to you. >> thank you. a deadly shooting under
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investigation in antioch right now. police found gregory flynn levy in his car outside a 7-eleven last night. they believe he was targeted but they are not calling it gang-related. another person in the car was not all right. a witness told police the suspect took off on foot. anyone with information is asked to call police. meg whitman's former maid wants more money from her old boss. mark sayre is in san jose where the maid and her lawyer will appear this morning to talk about getting back wages. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, juliette. nikki diaz says meg whitman owes her $6,200 in back wages and also in vehicle mileage. diaz the housekeeper who took center stage during the gubernatorial election. diaz appearing at a hearing today with her lawyer. that hearing will be at the california department of industrial relations. at a news conference in september, diaz recounted the
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end of her relationship with meg whitman. >> i told her that she knew that and i don't have papers to work here and i need her help, he want her to help me get an immigration attorney. [ crying ] >> reporter: diaz had worked as whitman's housekeeper for nine years until june of 2009. meg whitman said that diaz had used her sister's social security number and whitman said she did not know that her housekeeper was undocumented. so gloria allred and nikki diaz will appear here at this state office building in san jose at 8:15 this morning. afterwards they will be holding a news conference to update the media on what happens inside this building in front of the hearing officer but no final decision on the $6,200 today. >> mark sayre in san jose, thank you. they say enough is enough. today protestors plan to rally against budget cuts and tuition
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increases in the university of california system. anne makovec joins us now from san francisco, where the protest will take place in just a few hours. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. a lot of anger about the price of a college education these days. and the uc regents are meeting here this morning at ucsf 579307 this morning an hour and a half from now. hundreds of uc students, teachers and staff members are expected to protest outside of that meeting. uc regents are talking about student fee hikes up to 8% as well as wage and benefit cuts for graduate students, instructors and staff. students a middle class families are being priced out of the system and the steep increases at uc schools have narrowed the gap. uc tuition went up 32% last year and regents are considering another 8% hike. do the math, that's 40%
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increase. meanwhile, tuition at private schools rose only 4.3% on average. >> when she was a freshman we would have never even considered private schools. >> reporter: and now? >> just wouldn't be an option. yeah. some of them are waiving application fees, profession financial incentives, academic scholarships. >> reporter: and it's not just uc students feeling the pain here. the california state university system is getting more expensive planning to raise tuition 15% next year. 5% this coming spring and then 10% in fall 2011. so the protest here at ucsf is expected to start at 7:30. kind of hard to tell exactly how many students will be here but we know that there was kind of a pre-protest yesterday at uc-berkeley, there were about 40 students there. at one point they did try to block an entrance and they were signing up people to get on buses to come to this protest today. so we shall see. sydnie? >> anne, thank you. anne makovec in san francisco.
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let's get another check of our weather and traffic. tracy is here to tell us that things might be changing. we are so used to this beautiful weather. >> i know. the weekend was exceptional. we started the workweek off monday and tuesday with record highs. bye-bye high temperatures, hello november. it's going to be more seasonal especially for today. out the door, patchy fog expected inland and for the bay and also for the coast. i can't read this morning. mostly clear conditions for the coast and the bay and chilly in spots as cool as upper 30s. this afternoon, mostly sunny and cooler conditions expected. highs today in the lower 70s inland, mid-70s around the bay and near 60 along the coastline. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> live in oakland over the nimitz freeway, traffic headlights, that is southbound traffic. and right now, they are heading
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up towards richmond actually at the scene of an injury crash. let's go to our maps so we can show you what we're talking about. this is westbound 80 down the eastshore freeway, a solo car spinout, chp is on scene. i want to show you what it's doing to our sensors. we are already seeing that line of slow traffic heading into richmond on westbound 8 so watch out for that. it is like will go blocking at least one lane. we didn't have a whole lot of other details right now. except for this developing hotspot right there otherwise we're pretty quiet throughout the east bay and the rest of the bay area. so far no metering lights and no big delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you. 6:06. a day of fun at chuck e. cheese turns into a nightmare for dozens of bay area fabulous. >> oh, my god, that's horrible. >> here's our first look at surveillance video and what the robbers did in just 60 seconds. plus, no more free parking. who is able to slide by without
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with cooling temperatures. 66 san mateo, 70 sunnyvale, 71 san jose, and 72 in campbell. more bay area cities and today's highs in just a few moments. this morning we're getting our first look at surveillance video showing robbers taking over a chuck e. cheese saturday night in newark. the video shows a robber holderring a gun to an employee's head and forcing him to the ground. parents held on to their children as the robbers herded 40 customers and employees into a storage room. >> kids come here all the time and they stamp your hand and you think it's safe but then when it happens? i mean, i don't know. that's crazy. >> no one was hurt. the three robbers got away with an unknown amount of money. police say it looks like experienced criminals who have done this before. a new lawsuit aims to block california from selling 11 state buildings. governor schwarzenegger and lawmakers authorized the sale
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last year. it's specialed to raise more than $1 billion for the state -- it's supposed to raise more than $1 billion for the state. the suit contends the sale is unconstitutional. that's because it's not approved by the judicial council which has jurisdiction over court buildings. no more free parking for city workers in san francisco. they were exempt from meter fees if they were on official business, but now that's been struck down. the parking perk is gone. the move is expected to generate several million dollars to help fund muni service. 6:11. it's one of the most popular auto shows in the country. and in just minutes, we'll have a live report on the newest vehicles about to hit the market. >> i only had one. and if you drink it quick enough, that's all it takes. >> concerns about a popular alcohol caffeine drink. the change four loko is making on the day it will be banned. and a new accident in
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richmond is already causing relatively big delays to your drive time on westbound 80 down the eastshore freeway. we'll give you a full report coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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forecast for this morning here we are looking out toward the bay bridge. got a few clouds out there as well as some patchy fog for the coast, bay and inland for the valleys this morning. 6:15, sunrise about 30 minutes away. out the door, chilly in spots, again the patchy fog expected for the entire bay area. temperatures for the morning, boy, it's cold inland. 38 degrees in our coldest spots. up to 48. and temperatures for the coastline and also for the bay from the mid-40s to the lower 50s. for this afternoon, mostly sunny conditions are still expected but boy, it is cooling down again. 60s at the coast and the bay, lower 70s inland. cooling trend compliments of a low pressure system. the closer it gets it the bay area, the cooler it will get, cold and rain on the weekend. highs today in the mid-60s in
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san francisco and oakland, lower 70s in san jose and fremont. 69 in concord, 68 fairfield, mid-60s in napa and santa rosa. here's a look at our five-day forecast. tomorrow more clouds expected. cooling down a bit more. showers expected in the forecast friday. and showers are bumped up to rainfall saturday and sunday. expecting it to be more widespread, colder temperatures, highs in the mid- 50s and a few leftover showers monday and tuesday. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> chopper 5 is over this accident that happened 15 minutes ago in richmond. this is westbound 80 before the central avenue exit. you can see couple of lanes are blocked. traffic is getting by slowly. unfortunately, our delays are growing along this stretch. it looks like it's backing up closer to pinole right now. yeah, traffic very, very slow right now. this is a solo car accident. we are not sure about injuries but a tow truck is out there so
6:17 am
hopefully they are working to clear this here soon. let's go to our maps show law it's doing to our traffic sensors. we are seeing some sensors below 25 miles per hour. 7 miles per hour. so cars are just inching past this accident. once you go the past central avenue speeds improve towards berkeley. as far as mass transit, everything is on time except for ace number 3 about 15 minutes late. got some signal issues, got a late start out of stockton. bart is on time. except for that accident in richmond we don't have any other big hot spots across the bay area. all the other approaches to the bay bridge look great and so far there are no metering lights but they will likely be turned on here any minute. we are starting to see delays especially in the cash lanes. also want to point out that drive time. it's heavy already almost a half hour on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze and that's because of that accident in richmond approaching central where they have a couple of lanes blocked off. in the south bay we are looking good. no big issues through here. we can show you a live look at what traffic looks like coming
6:18 am
out of downtown san jose on northbound 280 right by that 880 interchange. good to go, two thumbs up. back to you. >> thank you. from v-8 to 600-horsepower luxury cars, sounds like everyone's dream. >> it's the 2010 los angeles auto show kicking off this weekend. and that's where we find kent shocknek in the middle of all of the latest and greatest vehicles. kent, good morning. where are you now? >> reporter: well, sydnie and juliette. >> is it me or are cars getting lower these days? [ laughter ] >> reporter: what your seeing now on cbs 5, this is a world premier -- actually a north american premier for jaguar's brand-new concept car, the cx75, x for concert, concept, x they are driven by gas
6:19 am
turbines. jean jennings is the president and editor-in-chief of automobile magazine. you look at these concept cars and say will we see these in the showroom? >> i never say that. there are a couple of different ideas for concepts, rolling test bed for technology, one is total blue sky design, let the designers flex their creative muscles and, you know, a little morale booster. this looks like all of that. >> is it a sign that the economies are returning? manufacturers have a chance to make these concept cars once more? we were in detroit a couple of years ago. if it had gotten any happier there at the car show, they could have held a funeral. >> it says a lot. these are millions and millions of dollars. they are one-offs. but in this case, we are looking at a test bed for technology that all the big super car manufacturers from ferrari to porsche to jag have to come up with ways to have
6:20 am
exciting cars that will have good emissions and good fuel economy. just because of the very strict regulations that are coming down in europe and will eventually find their way here. but what -- is there a better more beautiful concept car in this haul? > >> reporter: it looks like something that juliette should be driving home. there are 50 cars like this debuts that are going to be on display at the los angeles auto show. 1,000 cars in all. back to you in the bay area. >> kent, ask jean, what is she seeing right now that excites her? i know if you have been in the business for a long time you get jaded. which car excites her right now? >> reporter: you have been in the business for a while, they're asking, or saying, they are asking, what gets you excited when you come to these car shows? what do you look for? >> i look for just brand-new cars. i really love cars. i'm there is a pony under here somewhere girl.
6:21 am
it's all good to me if there is a roomful of new cars. i'm looking for new technology but i'm mostly the design person so i'm looking for new fresh designs. >> reporter: jean jennings, thank you very much. thank you, next. >> all right, kent, thanks very much. kent shocknek at the los angeles auto show. >> very sleek. >> i would like to see what jean drives. when you got a chance to either drive or test or have any of those cars, i wonder what she drives. >> 6:21. they are like pillows for your feet. >> the new wait way for women to get a shot at comfort while wearing high heels. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, we're still dealing with this accident in richmond westbound 80 approaching central. looks like just one lane is blocked now. unfortunately, traffic in the area is backed up for a couple of miles according to dennis with the kcbs phone force. we are continuing to follow this accident. we'll give you drive times and alternates coming up. traffic in six minutes. >> thank you. unusual but not alarming. that's what experts are saying about thousands of dead jellyfish on ocean beach. it was likely due to a combination of a large swell and an increase in the species population. the national park service says it will allow nature to take its course with the remaining jellyfish. more than 10,000 of them washed
6:25 am
ashore saturday but if you want to take a walk on the beach, they don't pose any health risk. last call for caffeinated alcohol. the controversial alcohol energy drink four loko says it will get rid of the caffeine. the company announcing it will remove caffeine and two other ingredients its products. today the fda is set to announce a nationwide ban on drinks that mix alcohol with caffeine. >> i think it's a good idea for younger kids it appeals to them and looks like an energy drink. so it's not bad. >> several states have already banned this beverage. a new procedure is giving women a shot at walking comfortably in high heels. notice i said "shot"? it's an injection that goes in the foot. shot is actually an antiking aging treatment used to plump -- an anti-aging treatment used
6:26 am
to plump up wrinkles. older women lose estrogen and the padding of the ball of the foot is lost. this injection replaces the padding. >> it's a filler used in the face but we use it in the ball of the foot. >> i just want to be pain-free so i can walk. >> these injections aren't cheap. they run about $1,000 a foot. on average, the effects last more than a year. 6:26. a new bart station getting closer to opening today. >> where you can find it and how much you may have to pay. and the uc board of regents meeting this morning and expecting hundreds of protestors outside. we'll tell you what they're upset about coming up next.
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[ opening bell ] >> this is a look at the opening bell on wall street. investors hoping for a better day. stock futures pointing to a higher opening after four days of losses, the dow down 178 yesterday, nasdaq down 44. the worst day in months. good morning, it's wednesday us november 17. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. your time is 6:30. she says she worked hard for meg whitman for nine years and owes her money. mark sayre reports that she and her lawyer will be asking for back pay. >> reporter: nikki diaz says meg whitman owes her $6,200 in back wages and vehicle mileage. diaz of course the former housekeeper of meg whitman who took center stage during the gubernatorial election. diaz will be appearing at a hearing here in san jose today
6:31 am
with her l.a. attorney gloria allred. that hearing will be at the california department of industrial relations. at a news conference in september, diaz recounted the end of her relationship with meg whitman. >> after nine years, i realized at that moment that she didn't appreciate my work. i felt like she was throwing me away like a piece of garbage. [ crying ] >> reporter: now, diaz had worked as whitman's housekeeper for nine years in june 2009. meg whitman said that diaz had used her sister's social security number and whitman says she did not know that her former housekeeper was undocumented. allred and diaz will appear in san jose at 8:15 this morning. they are expected to meet with reporters afterwards to tell us what happened inside this meeting with the state hearing officer, although sydnie we are not expecting a final decision on the fate of these $6,200
6:32 am
today. >> mark, thank you. mark sayre in san jose. antioch police are looking into a deadly shooting. they found gregory flynn levi in his car outside a 7-eleven last night. they believe he was targeted but are not calling it gang- related. a second person who was in the car was not hurt. that person told police the suspect took off on foot. anyone with information is asked to contact police. and this morning, an oakland congregation is coming to grips with the murder of a man steps outside the church. this happened just before noon yesterday into your a baptist church. leaders say leon wilson ran outside of a ged class after getting a call on his cell phone. he was gunned down by someone in a passing car. >> this is probably one of the largest congregations of the city, very popular church. we spoke to the pastor and people are upset. >> police don't believe the shooting was random. the suspect escaped in a white
6:33 am
car with a woman driving. workers are the seton medical center plan to protest today in the wake of job cuts. the daly city hospital is poised to lay off 44 nurses and caregivers sometime before christmas. we are told union workers have been negotiating for other ways to save money but no agreement has been reached. and from fee hikes to budget cuts, some students and employees at the university of california are fed up. anne makovec is in san francisco, where a demonstration is planned this morning. good morning to you, anne. >> reporter: good morning, juliette. of course, it's a combo that upsets a lot of people, the paying more for less issue. and the uc board of regents is meeting here at ucsf this morning. we are expecting hundreds of protestors. students, teachers and staff members from throughout the uc system. the regents are talking about student fee hikes up to 8% as well as wage and benefit cuts for graduate student instructors and staff.
6:34 am
students say middle class families are being priced out of the system with the fee increases at uc schools narrowing the gap between public and private schools. in fact, uc tuition went up 32% last year and now regents considering that other 8% hike. in the meantime, tuition at private schools around the country rose an average of only 4.3% and schools like the private santa clara university are seeing a jump in applications. >> often times the cost at santa clara is equivalent to or in some cases less than the cost for four years at a uc. >> reporter: and it's not just uc students thinking of going private. the california state university system is also getting more expensive planning on raising tuition 15% next year starting out with 5% this spring and then 10% in fall 2011. so the protest here at ucsf is scheduled to start about one hour from now at 7:30 and the
6:35 am
regents are meeting all day. it's tough to say how many protestors there will be here today but there were smaller protests at individual uc campuses over the past couple of days and a lot of people were trying to recruit people to come here today. juliette? >> anne makovec, thank you. 6:35. let's go back to tracy now with a look at our changing forecast. cooling down, right, tracy? >> oh, that's right, sydnie. it is definitely cooling down again today. so we thought we would pick a couple of cities for you and kind of highlight the change from yesterday's highs to today's highs. santa rosa yesterday, just one degree shy of 80 degrees. 79. 75 in san jose. 74 in concord. 70 in san francisco. today, not so much. mid-60s in santa rosa. that is 15 degrees cooler. 71 san jose. 69 concord. 65 degrees in san francisco. we cool down today and we will continue to cool down well into the weekend along with a
6:36 am
chance of showers moving back into the bay area. maybe even a little snowfall in the sierra. we'll take a closer look at your extended forecast in just a few moments. in the meantime, elizabeth, traffic. >> yes, and we have chopper 5 dealing with big problems now through richmond on westbound 80 before central. this is actually a two-car crash. right now they just have the one lane blocked off. they had a couple of lanes blocked off earlier. they did go ahead and issue a traffic alert for this stretch because unfortunately, our backups are growing. there was actually an accident in the traffic jam approaching san pablo dam road. they quickly cleared that off to the right shoulder. unfortunately, look what we're left with. it's a huge mess on westbound 80 down the eastshore freeway. to our maps according to our sensors, the real slowing like speeds under 10 miles per hour from at least hilltop drive. but we're seeing slow sensors as far back as hercules now. so what is it doing to our drive time? it's causing about 20-minute delays. about a 40-minute drive time from the carquinez bridge to
6:37 am
the maze. things improve past central avenue past that exit. couple of mass transit notes. ace train number 3, about 15 minutes behind schedule. now we have new bart delays. they had to take a train out of service. so 10-minute delays from the west oakland station heading into downtown oakland and millbrae. back to you. >> thank you. the fare for a new bart station could be -- fate of a new bart station could be decided today between the castro valley and dublin pleasanton stations in the east bay. under a proposal, roundtrip fares from downtown san francisco will cost $11. it's going to open next year. new fees to get into san francisco gets the green light. drivers from the peninsula will be charged $3 to enter and $3 to leave. if approved the new fees could
6:38 am
take effect in 2015. 6:37. the parade so far, confetti cleared and now comes the expensive bill for muni following the giants world series win. the transit agency has to come up with another half million dollars to cover costs related to the play-off run. extra buses and workers may make up most of the bill but nearly $100,000 comes from vandalism costs. san francisco supervisors will take their time picking a new mayor so voters can have a say in the process. gavin newsom becomes california's lieutenant governor in january. supervisors want to hear from the public and set up a process before they name his replacement. newsom is also raising the possibility of allowing the next board of supervisors to make the selection. four new board members take office january 8. there is a chance ron dellums will quit his job as oakland mayor before his term ends january 3. the "chronicle" reports dellums may leave to take a lobbying job before the end of the
6:39 am
year. dellums has cancelled today's scheduled state of the city address. he will post it online instead. the head. tsa may have to defend new airport security measures before congress. john his stolely will testify before a senate committee this morning. his appearance was scheduled before the recent controversy over body scans and patdowns. critics of the security procedures call them invasive. tsa says the machines are safe and necessary. it looks like residents in orinda will be hearing a lot more leaf blowing sound. the city shut down efforts to ban leaf-blowers last night. the group says it's noisy, puts out exhaust and particulate matter is dangerous t breathe. opponents say it's as noisy as a lawnmower. >> we got an email from a disgruntled viewer. >> that would be my mom.
6:40 am
i guess i threw her under the bus saying she has a leaf- blower which she does but hers is electric. you and sydnie knock i off. i'm going to vacuum to calm down. she did put xoxo. so she is not mad at me. [ laughter ] >> it's great your mother has a leaf-blower. she can come to my house! >> she is watching us every morning, clearly. 6:40. the galaxy tab and the ipad. >> two of the hottest tablets on the market right now. coming up we sort out the pros and cons with brian tong. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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auto-giant g-m is boosting the well, good morning. it's wednesday morning. we have patchy fog along the coastline around the bay and also inland this morning. and temperatures are pretty chilly ranging from 38 to 48 degrees. that's well inland. around the bay from you not dealing with patchy fog, you're dealing with mostly clear conditions. temperatures in the mid-40s to the lower 50s. so mostly clear, light winds, we are seeing some fog developing. as we move into the afternoon, how about mostly sunny and light winds? but also still expecting cool temperatures. what gives? we'll explain in just a few moments. highs inland mid-60s to the lower 70s. mid-60s around the bay and near 60 along the coastline.
6:44 am
plenty of sunshine expected today compliments of this nice high pressure system but things will be cooling down. cooling trend in effect. low pressure system coming in and you can see we actually shaded it in a lighter shade of blue to indicate it is a cooler system. so the closer you get to the bay area, temperatures cool down and eventually a chance of rainfall will be coming in even a chance of snowfall for the sierra over the weekend. 66 oakland. 71 in san jose. 71 in livermore. 69 in concord. 68 in fairfield. and the mid-60s today in napa and in santa rosa. santa rosa high temperature today 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. tomorrow more clouds and we continue to cool down well into the weekend. friday showers expected, the weekend good chance of
6:45 am
rainfall. highs falling 30 degrees from the beginning of the week. here's traffic. >> we sent chopper 5 to oakland because we had reports of an oil spill on southbound 880 at the west grand avenue off-ramp. it looks like a minor problem. they are cleaning it up. the ramp is open. southbound 880 at west grand avenue. thanks, chopper 5. let's go to our maps. we are dealing with bigger problems still down the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 approaching central. you see the tow truck symbol cleared from lanes. there are two separate accidents in this area. unfortunately, we are left with a still good sized backup and really slow speeds as you make your way on those westbound lanes. we are starting to see the slowdowns through hercules. so may want to avoid the carquinez bridge and use the benicia bridge to cross. they cleared it out of lanes so hopefully things will improve. you remember, we are left with this. not a good drive time. almost 40 minutes now from
6:46 am
westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. but hey, here's good newt gingrich's the bay bridge backup is not too bad. they didn't turn the metering lights on until after 6:30. about 20 minutes typically later than they usually good, so that's good news at the bay bridge backup. it's not too bad. the eastshore freeway backup is causing better conditions at the toll plaza probably. mass transit, 10-minute delays. they had to take a train out of service. so 10-minute delays from west oakland into san francisco. all other trains are on time. and ace train number 3 still about 15 minutes behind schedule. they got a late start out of stockton. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. thank you. 6:46? >> are you looking to buy some stock? auto giant gm, general motors, boosting the number of shares offered to the public by more than 100 million. >> it maybe the largest stock offering in history.
6:47 am
here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. talk about a comeback story with general motors. there is so much demand for the company's ipo that they boosted the amount of common shares by 31% and they are likely going to increase the price per share target to $33 a share from the original target of 26 to $29. besides that they will increase the number of preferred shares available. that means gm could raise up to $22.8 billion in this offering. that would be about $5 billion more than the u.s. record set by visa out of san francisco more than two years ago and tonight world record set by the agriculture bank of china earlier this year. we'll get the price on those shares after today's close from general motors. general motors will raise enough money to pay back enough money, not all, enough to
6:48 am
reduce the government stake in the company to a minority position. economic reports out today not much stimulating investors following yesterday's rough day in which the dow was down almost 180. consumer prices basically flat. they rose .2% last month. mainly coming from higher gas prices, which were up 4.5%. otherwise, take gas and food out of the equation and prices were flat inflation not yet a threat still and the builders out there continuing to struggle. housing starts last month fell 11.7% to an annual rate of 519,000 homes. that would be 77% below the peak building period back in january of 2006. we'll see if wall street has any stomach for a comeback today. right now the dow is lower by 5 points. still above 11,000. nasdaq though is up by 6, s&p up by 1. >> thank you. jason brooks with kcbs and
6:49 am thank you very much. it's ugly, stinky. we sent mike sugerman to check it out. >> reporter: truffles are the bad boys of the tuvor world. the smell is indescribable. >> smells like old gym socks with a unique nectar. >> reporter: there is no badder boy currently in the united states than the one bob klein brought back from his annual truffle trip to italy. >> this is the biggest truffle i have ever -- i mean, i have seen a truffle like this. but it will be in a case at a truffle fair. >> reporter: this is a normal sized truffle. this is the one everyone is talking about. 600 grams, about one and a third pounds. apparently the second largest of a very goodyear. >> 900 grams went last week to a hong kong restaurant for 105,000 euro which is about
6:50 am
$150,000. >> reporter: klein won't discuss what he paid. truffles grow like potato. you dig they will out of the ground. how much are they? >> couple of grams. >> reporter: how much? >> like 12 bucks. >> reporter: just that? >> yeah. >> and taking pictures of the truffles for our facebook page. >> reporter: you got to be kidding. >> nope. >> reporter: that's how nuts they are for truffles at oliveto's restaurant in berkeley's rockridge neighborhood which goes nutty. >> for a broad demographic like an election not many people would know what truffles are or care, but for the people who do know, it might be the most important time of the year. >> reporter: chef paul can't wait to get them in his kitchen. he will be serving them on a special menu the next five days although most seatings are sold out. oh, my god, that's awful. i wouldn't have thought i would even want to walk into a restaurant that had truffles in it the odor is so pungent but
6:51 am
the taste? hm. really is pretty good. certainly better than it smells. couldn't be any worse. in oakland, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> i just want -- >> i heard him fighting for this story in the newsroom. i couldn't figure out why. now i know. >> a great meal. >> good four, mike. it's still the buzz this morning. william and kate's royal engagement. erica hill joins us from "the early show" from buckingham palace in london. good morning. what a nice assignment. >> yes. >> reporter: good morning. i know it's not so bad, is it? i have to admit i was kind of excited when they told me i was going. so here we are life this morning for the royal engagement in front of buckingham palace in london and we are going to have a special edition of "the early show" coming up for you, sydnie and juliette. we are going to look at the couple. prince p.m. and kate middleton. how they got to this point. what their relationship has been like. what things are going to be like for kate middleton as she prepares to become a member.
6:52 am
royal family and there have been so many comparisons leading up to this day. now they are only multiplying, comparisons between kate middleton and princess diana or. are they fair? we'll check in with a number of royal watchers, get some inside scoop for you and take a look at what lies ahead in the coming months as we try to figure out where and when the big event will take place. all i know is i want to be here for it. >> come on, erica. maybe you can figure out a way to stay there until, you know, the actual day. wouldn't that be fun? >> reporter: i like your thinking. [ laughter ] we'll have to talk on the break. give me some ideas. [ laughter ] >> this is exciting. ring was beautiful. and after seeing it with princess diana, so this is going to be a -- it will be a wonderful fairy tale production on television we can all enjoy. erica, thanks very much! we'll see you -- >> reporter: now one of the best -- [ pause ] >> go ahead. >> reporter: i was going to say one of the best things is everyone here is positive about it. everyone i have spoken to has said this is a marriage that is
6:53 am
going to last that will stand the test of time. >> good. good to hear. all righter, erica, thanks so much for your time. early show beginning at 7:00. >> see you then. 6:53. fed up over fees. some college students say they just had enough. this morning, what they are doing at one bay area school. ,, ,,,, ( upbeat music playing )
6:54 am
i've had two heart attacks, the first in '91 and the second one in '06. in no time they discovered that i just needed a new heart-- a bypass was out of the question. i told them if i could get five more days with my family, then it was worth doing it. they saved my life. i feel like a new person. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever
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6:56 am
the university of california say enough is enough. anne s from san fee hikes, budget cuts. some students and employees at the university of california say enough is enough. anne makovec joins from us san francisco, where a protest starts in just 30 minutes from now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting dozens, even hundreds of students teachers and staff members. i want you to take a look across the street here at ucsf mission bay campus. we have a gathering of police officers again nobody knows exactly how large this protest is going to be. the regents are meeting today. the uc regents are talking about student fee hikes of up to 8% as well as wage and benefit cuts for graduate student instructors and staff members. students say middle class fabulous are being priced out of the system and the steep fee increases at uc have narrowed the gap between public and private schools.
6:57 am
in fact. c tuition went up 32% last year and now regents are considering that 8% hike. meanwhile, tuition at private universities around the country rose an average of only 4.3%. the california state university city system is also getting more expensive planning on raising tuition 15% next year, 5% this spring and 10% in fall 2011. but today it's the uc regents that are meeting and expecting some slack from dozens or hundreds of students, teachers and staffer members. >> we'll be there for the protest. 6:57. thanks so much, anne. >> let's get one last look at traffic and weather. we'll start with tracy and the changing forecast. a bit cooler out there. >> cooling down today, that's right. seven-day forecast, showing today's highs near 60 along the coast, mid-60s around the bay and lower 70s inland. temperatures cool down well throughout the week into the weekend, chance of showers will be back in the forecast
6:58 am
friday and a good chance of rainfall seattle and sunday, a better chance of getting wet for the weekend along with some cold temperatures. 50s as highs, that will be for the entire bay area, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. our mypix photo: if you have a photo to share, email it to us at
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